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[24 Jun 2005 | No Comment | ]

Dear Mr. Neeson,

In my adventures in Hollywood over the past few years, I have not been fortunate enough to make your acquaintance. I am going to be rather presumptuous from now to the end of this letter and call you Liam. You see, Liam, I am a fan. I have been for a long time. Your name alone is enough to get my lazy ass to the theater. I am, most humbly, a Liam Neeson fan…

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[24 Nov 2004 | No Comment | ]

I like things that come in twos. Popsicles. Reeseā€™s Cups. Breasts. Battles of Bull Run. Anyway. Couples, pairs, are a natural, organic occurrence. Positive and Negative. Yin and Yang. Bert and Ernie…

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[4 Feb 2004 | No Comment | ]

This is a movie about stupid people who ride around in sports utility vehicles chasing tornados around the midwest. You remember the good old days when our protagonists were SMART? What the fuck are these people thinking…

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[2 Oct 2003 | No Comment | ]

Yes, this is a review of KILL BILL, VOLUME ONE. But this is also going to hit some personal notes, as my relationship to this film is a little different than most that I see…

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[10 Apr 2003 | No Comment | ]

i'm sorry

Reprehensible haikus by Chad Shonk
Chad may be a big movie guy now, but he’s still responsible for dragging down the content of this website with his horrible poetry way back in the day. Also, he stole this idea from Terry, which makes him even twice as guilty of horrible crimes against humanity.

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[3 Apr 2003 | One Comment | ]

I’m not talking pornos here. I’m talking about the best sex scenes in Hollywood films based on:

1. Titilation
2. Cinematography
3. The stars involved.

It also helps if it’s important to the plot of the movie, but it isn’t necessary.