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Dork Droppings is a website based on lighthearted humor, pop culture observations, and good old fashioned fun. We’ve been through a lot of incarnations in the past, but times change, and so have we.

But how did this all come to be?

In the mid-1990s, four friends were doing time in a mom-and-pop video store in suburban Atlanta. In order to pass the time on those slow weekday afternoons, we began to write musings to one another on the antiquated POS computers we worked on. One day, a (very) short subjective on Citizen Kane was penned with the title “Movie Criticism for the Retarded”. A concept had been born.

In early 1998, the video store shut its doors. As creators of the content, we felt the urge to share our musings with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, there was no way to save the data into a portable format, so all we had was an incomplete collection of words printed from a dot matrix printer. The material that hadn’t disappeared into the ether was painstakingly transcribed into cyberspace, and our site made its internet debut in the summer of 1998. Throughout the ensuing years, the concept was expanded to encompass many facets of pop culture.

In 2015, Dork Droppings was born from the ashes of many previous incarnations of this site. Without any limits beyond our own imaginations, we aim to make this the best content-driven pop culture site on the internets. So dig in, and enjoy our own brand of geekery!


  • Linda Gray said:

    Just found your site, and I think it’s hysterical. Hey, do you hold legal copyright to all of the text that’s posted here? If so–wanna book deal? I do a lot of editing for a publisher that produces movie books (among other things)–if I can get them to look past the “retarded” issue, I think they’d love to do a book of the reviews posted on your site. Let me know if you’re interested.

  • Alice said:

    Noel, you are the bomb! I loved your insights into the 2002 Oscars (somehow I got directed to your site, specifically that page). Keep up the good (funny) work.

  • blogcabins said:

    Like your site and will link to it on mine. You ought to check out one of my latest posts – it’s right up your alley: my favorite “special” characters. :)

  • Dadtovunerablekids said:


    No hate mail here people. Only facts and observations. You say you’ve “heard it all before” and that “we in no way wish any harm or insult on any persons of mental or physical handicap. It’s a term we toss around like it’s a tennis ball. It means nothing.” I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that you haven’t heard this one before…

    I have 2 children that have Down syndrome. They are wonderful children that happen to have an extra chromozone. I was blessed with my son of nine years as my only birth child. 3 years later my wife and I adopted his little sister who’s mom gave her up because she had Down syndrome, saying that if she’d only known early enough in the pregnantcy she would have aborted her. Fact is over 80% of people with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose to abort. So now you know a little about what brings me to your site.

    I’m all for li1ght hearted good ole fashion fun. Just not at my childrens expense. You toss the term “Retarded” around like it’s a tennis ball and claim that it means nothing. Well friends, it does mean something. It’s become a way to degrade and laugh at people who you see as lessor than yourselve’s. You’ve probably heard that part before.

    I wonder what sort of things are in your life, or the life of your family that are so tremendously painful that you feel the need to degrade the most vunerable people in the world. Maybe it helps you to laugh. If that’s your desire then so be it.

  • Mike said:

    Dear Dadtovenerablekids:

    I am also the parent of a child with special needs. I can see that you are trying to reason with these losers who toss around the word retard like a tennis ball. The fact is they just don’t care. It doesn’t bother them. They don’t see our kids as having any value. They actually say that it’s not a big deal unless you’re retarded. I guess what they don’t get is that we’re all a heartbeat a way from a disability. I’m kind of wishing that I could see into the future. Watching one of those clowns who started this site end up in some rehab after an accident. They spent their lives in a chair having the drool wiped from their chin while their aide calls them a retard behind their back. Well, I can wish can’t I?
    Don’t bother trying to reason with them or call them friends. They are not your friend. They are pathetic excuses for human beings who have zero compassion and don’t deserve your kind words.
    Bet they sit around in their underwear watching Tropic Thunder reruns.

  • Matt said:

    I am a special needs child and I think this site is the bombshitdiggity.

  • Timmy said:

    I am a Timmy! special needs child Timmy! and I think this site is Timmy! the bombshitdiggity Timmy!

  • Michael N. said:

    I’m the brother of a special-needs person (Cornelia de Lange Syndrome -look it up) and I believe that a sense of humor is important. Important especially when dealing with serious issues. As long as people don’t have deliberately malicious intent (and clearly these “Retarded” clowns do not), let’s not escalate any perceived impoliteness by pouring more rhetorical gasoline on the fire. Simple words, innocently uttered, cannot hurt anybody. Life is already full-enough of diplomatic conflict. We should be saving our ire (and our efforts) for the truly hateful people who deserve it.

  • Baldy said:

    Regardless of opinions on the use of the word “retarded,” I would like to specially thank Mike for showing his ass so publicly. Mike, which is worse? One person callously throws around a word that is held by some to be offensive. Another wishes grave bodily harm on someone because of use of the word.

    Mike, you’re not a good person. Go do some good with your life and stop wishing evil onto others.

  • DudeDazz said:


    This is a great site you have. I have a movie review website that I am currently running and I would like to have more people read my reviews. I was just wondering if you could possibly put a link to my website on your site and I will, in exchange, put a link to your website on mine.

    This is the link: http://www.dudedazzmoviereviews.wordpress.com



  • TooLittleTooLate said:

    Oh wowwww, some people are way too sensitive. I wish I had read these comments sooner!

    I don’t recall anyone calling anybody else’s children/family members ‘retarded’ beyond own their relatives doing so. My mother taught me that it’s not what people call you that matters, it’s what you answer to. If your kid/relative isn’t retarded, then no one is talking to you or about them.

    Dadtovunerablekids, you called your own kids retarded because I am pretty certain that no one responsible for creating this website has ever even met your kids, and so the term is useless unless you give life to it in your own mind. I’m sure if the site’s creators would have met your children, they wouldn’t have even for one minute made the correlation between fortheretarded.com and your kids. They didn’t have a clue about your children’s existence let alone their extra chromosomes, which means you alone had that knowledge. Therefore you are the one who judged your own kids as being retarded, and now you’re feigning offense because of the name of this site? YOU made that correlation all by yourself. Shame on you.

    Ditto for Mike and Michael N. because you people clearly don’t get it. Word to the wise–or the totally clueless in this instance–if it doesn’t apply to you, if YOU don’t believe that your kids are retarded, then don’t respond.

  • Anonymous said:

    You know what? You’re hypocritical in that you want commenters to be clean and not spam but you’re very unclean in how you function on here due to all the crudeness that you put. I can’t believe you!

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