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[30 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
G.I. Joe: Resolute

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[11 Dec 2004 | One Comment | ]

When I said this was the 2004 Secular Holiday Extravaganza, I wasn’t lying. This year the focus won’t just be on regular ol’ Christmas movies. Yes, I’ve decided to foray into the exciting world of Hanukkah (Chanukah?) flicks, a genre that includes Adam Sandler’s first stab at an animated feature, EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS as well as, uh, well, I think that’s it…

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[10 Nov 2004 | 2 Comments | ]

For those of you who don’t know me, I recently inherited three kids. They’re good kids and I like them, but the whole thing takes a little getting used to. One definite upside to the whole thing is that I now have a perfectly legitimate excuse to go to see kid movies on opening night…

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[27 Oct 2004 | 3 Comments | ]

After watching TALES FROM THE CRAPPER, perhaps Troma’s most perverse film to date, I felt as if I needed to be cleansed. Something just wasn’t sitting right. I was still a little disturbed…

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[8 Jun 2004 | No Comment | ]

Newsflash, in case you didn’t figure it out by now: SHREK 2 is now in theaters. Just in case the 42.7 commercial spots per hour didn’t clue you in. Or the visages of Fiona and Donkey giving you the evil eye every time you step into the Post Office…

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[3 Jun 2003 | One Comment | ]

Well, Pixar entertainment and Disney has a whale of a record when it comes to feature films. So far, they’ve yet to disappoint, and their latest whopper FINDING NEMO is no different…

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[22 May 2003 | 6 Comments | ]

Since my employer decided last week that they no longer had any work for me and eliminated my position, thus nudging me unwillingly into the realm of the unemployed, I’ve done many a thing to pass the time…

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[1 May 2003 | No Comment | ]

First off, to answer your obvious question: Yes, I did see the Powerpuff Girls movie. Willingly. In fact, I’m kind of upset that it took me this long to see it. I would have liked to seen it theatrically, but lacked a viewing compadre and couldn’t honestly bring myself to walk up to a box office and request “one for Powerpuff Girls”…

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[17 Dec 2002 | No Comment | ]

When judging the criteria for what qualifies in the top holiday movies of all time, some folks might question just exactly which holiday THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS best fits under. Is it a Halloween movie, or a Christmas movie…

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[11 Apr 2001 | 8 Comments | ]
Transformers: The Movie (1986)

I just realized recently that in two months it will be the fifteenth anniversary of the original theatrical release of one of my all-time favorite movies, TRANSFORMERS. Not that this is something I was pondering at my own free time, but glancing around certain web resources I noticed that this monumental occurrence was about to take place…