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[7 Nov 2005 | 2 Comments | ]

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[19 Nov 2004 | One Comment | ]

Every year Hollywood has its tragedies. Thus far in 1997, we have had several. The death of James Stewart saddened me to no end. With the loss of Robert Mitchum, we lost one of the last real tough guys the world will ever know. Burgess Meredith’s loss made me want to go back and watch the first three ROCKY movies (and helped stifle any plans for a third GRUMPY OLD MEN sequel)…

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[16 Nov 2004 | One Comment | ]


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[15 Aug 2002 | One Comment | ]

The Corey era may be over, but these films will always stand out as reminders of just what Mr. Feldman has brought to the table for many years. Feldman’s body of work spans four decades, and he may have branched out in to other materials than film to express himself, but we’ll always have his movies.

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[20 May 2000 | No Comment | ]

The initial reaction from my friends was enough to make you think I’d just admitted to murdering their parents. First a look of shock, then the paleness in their faces, to the uttering of the now-famous words: “You actually LIKED a Patrick Swayze movie?”

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[7 Aug 1999 | No Comment | ]

Idiots. Degenerates. Assholes. Uncouth, disrespectful bottom-feeders who almost ruined the entire movie experience for me. Troglodytic ingrates who had the nerve to ruin an art form that I so adore by acting like rabid animals.