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[3 Jun 2005 | One Comment | ]

Tonight was a big night for me. It seems that things have come full circle. In 1977, I remember going to the I-85 Twin Drive-In with my mother and sister in my mom’s mammoth 1973 Malibu Classic station wagon. We backed into the spot and popped the hatchback. The entire back of the car was filled with pillows, and the three of us sat and watched a movie that changed me to the core…

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[23 May 2005 | 7 Comments | ]

There aren’t many movies that generate the hype that the latest and supposed last of the Star Wars films has, despite the fact that this film doesn’t really merit such hype. After two previous installments that are generally considered inferior to the original trilogy, you’d think that Lucasites would be a bit jaded on the franchise…

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[17 May 2005 | 2 Comments | ]
The Guide to Inconsequential Star Wars Characters

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[14 Apr 2005 | 3 Comments | ]

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[12 Aug 2004 | 33 Comments | ]
Why the Star Wars Special Editions Suck

So George Lucas finally bit the bullet and decided to release the original STAR WARS trilogy on DVD. That’s fantastic, no? I mean, finally, after years of waiting, we can finally have digital, pristine, unfading copies of the original three movies that captured our hearts over twenty years ago. Everything is peachy and birds are singing and the world just became a better place, right?…

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[12 Jan 2003 | One Comment | ]

Peter Jackson is now the Bill Gates to Lucas’ Steve Jobs. Jackson took Lucas’ child and one upped him. I can not get over how beautiful Gollum looks. Compare that to Yoda, Jar Jar, or any other computer
generated attempt in Star Wars. No damn contest, buddy man

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[19 Dec 2002 | 2 Comments | ]
The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

There’s an old adage that we are all meant to learn from our mistakes. If this is indeed the truth, then thank God for “The Star Wars Holiday Special”. But “Wait!”, you say. “I’ve never heard of a Star Wars Holiday Special.” Well, friend, you’d be not the only one. You see, in today’s world, we are meant not to know that such a thing ever existed. But yet, if we set the wayback machine to November 17, 1978, homes across America were preparing to witness the follow-up to last summer’s blockbuster hit STAR WARS, this time right on their own television sets at home. The initial reaction to this special was so terrible that George Lucas ordered that the special never air again, and that all master copies be destroyed…

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[4 Jun 2002 | 10 Comments | ]

Well, just to show you what kind of a hip, groovy, and with-it kind of guy that I am, I’ve decided today to dwell over a subject that tends to be a sore subject for most STAR WARS fans: that which is THE PHANTOM MENACE. Yes, the movie came out three years ago, and there’s been another STAR WARS movie since…

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[2 Jun 2002 | 14 Comments | ]

The more I think about this movie, the more I hate it. Now, I saw it Wednesday night, midnight like many people. Afterwards I was one of few people defending it. I said “Sure the acting and the dialogue sucked, but there was plenty of good stuff too”…

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[2 Jul 1998 | No Comment | ]

You know what sucks? Every time I’m watching RETURN OF THE JEDI and really getting in to it when Luke jumps off the speeder bike and lays the smack down on that biker scout, those goddamn Ewoks have to come along and fuck everything up…