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[26 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
The 2015 Royal Rumble Review

I’m pretty sure not everyone who reads this site is a fan of professional wrestling. Hell, I’ve barely even touched upon the subject over the last decade and a half, but I’ve been a fan of it all my life. And when I say that, I say it as someone who more often detests the product than enjoys it, but can’t ever fully wean myself off of it. I’ve done that as much as I ever have at this point, eschewing all other organizations other than the WWE, and even …

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[22 Jan 2015 | One Comment | ]
Small Wonder: A Child Unlike Other Girls!

It was a lazy Sunday, and I was glancing at the channel listings. And as is often the case, I was treated to the usual – lots of terrible reality stuff, a thousand sports shows, and movies that I enjoy but seem to air all the damned time. I mean, I love Die Hard as much as anybody, but I’m not sure that it needs to be always airing on some channel on my cable listings at some point every weekend. On that note, I’ve never seen White Chicks, and …

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[18 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
A Visit to BrickFair!

For those of you who know me personally, this is no real revelation. But for many of you reading this site, you may be surprised to know that I’m an AFOL: An Adult Fan of Lego. I confessed my lifelong love affair with plastic bricks a while back on Needless Things, but this may be the first time I’ve ever discussed it here on this site.

As a certified AFOL, I do a lot of things to feed my hobby. I have a LEGO room in my house, after all. I’m …

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[22 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Breaking Dead

Okay, so, everybody loves zombies, right? Yeah. So, not too long ago, as i was going to work, i saw some. Really. No, i mean REALLY really.
i work in downtown Atlanta. At the Internet factory. When you have to be to work before 8 AM on a Sunday, you expect the city to be dead quiet. You do NOT, however, expect the breakfasting pedestrians to be dead too. But there they were. Actually, it was the overturned, burned-out bus i saw first. For a second i wondered if I’d missed …

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[9 Jun 2010 | 6 Comments | ]
Just Bitching About Movies

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to rant. It’s not about Schumacher or Bay or Seth Rogen’s overexposure or anything like that. It’s just generally griping about what’s happening these days in movies. It’s not plots. It’s just generic junk about movies…

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[25 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]
A Brief History of Wrestling Toys

’ve been collecting toys pretty much since I was a kid. It all started with Star Wars, then a bit of He-Man. GI Joe will always be the big toy love of my life. When Joe waned in the 90’s, I got into Ninja Turtles and then the Batman: The Animated Series stuff. Things have just sort of snowballed since then, what with the collector boom in the mid-90s

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[22 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Professional Wrestling

In order to prepare for WrestleMania 26, We’ll be doing some stuff this week that relates to that guiltiest of pleasures: the “sport” of professional wrestling. And while I’ve made some vague attempts to justify my being a fan of this art form for a quarter century now, I thought that it might help my cause if I demonstrated some of the actual bits of knowledge I managed to obtain as a wrestling fan…

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[12 Feb 2010 | 12 Comments | ]
The Top Ten Best TIE Fighter Variants

There are few vehicles from the Star Wars universe that are more iconic than the TIE Fighter. Sure, the Millennium Falcon may get the most love, and Rebel ships like the X-Wing are up there in popularity too, but nothing else really is really more identifiable more than those sleek, compact little bastards that swarmed our heroes in countless space battles from the original Star Wars Trilogy…

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[8 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Watchmen 2 [?] [!]

Keep in mind that I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’, but the rumor mill has it that these pursuits would include new Watchmen media up to and including prequel comics, sequel comics, new animation (likely under DC’s excellent straight-to-DVD production banner), novels, toys, stuffed animals, video games and a line of Underoos. I might have made some of those up…

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[3 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Phantom Troublemaker Goes to the Royal Rumble!

I fucking hate downtown Atlanta. It’s dirty and gross and you run into all sorts of mean, rude fucking assholes down there. The traffic is terrible and the roads don’t make any fucking sense. Plus, you’re about fifty times more likely to get mugged and raped by a transvestite crack whore than you are anywhere outside of the perimeter…