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[31 Oct 2005 | No Comment | ]
Doom (2005)

Movies based on video games are notorious for being awful. I believe Noel even wrote an article detailing the badness, but like a fool I gave Doom a chance anyway. I knew I wasn’t about to see a good movie by any means, but I at least expected it to be entertaining…

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[26 Oct 2005 | No Comment | ]

Our tasteful and discerning friends at The Sci-Fi Channel are back with another installment of The Return of the Living Dead series. Anybody who isn’t up to speed on the history of this twenty-year old franchise should stop by my review of Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis before venturing further if you don’t want to end up totally confused…

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[25 Oct 2005 | 2 Comments | ]

The Return of the Living Dead series began in 1985 and was a lovingly brutal homage/parody to the genre. The first two movies were intentionally funny, and had enough gore to make even the most totally desensitized sicko (me) happy. The third one; however, was only funny because it was so damn stupid…

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[22 Oct 2005 | No Comment | ]

I am probably one of the only people in this dimension that was really
looking forward to seeing Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I’ll admit that I’m a
bit of a dork, and love both video games and all things zombie…

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[19 Oct 2005 | 4 Comments | ]

In the beginning there was George Romero (I know there were zombie movies made before Romero, but he is the father of the modern zombie movie, like it or not.) He made a movie about zombies tearing people to pieces and eating them, and it was good. There was an underlying theme about prejudice, but for the most part it was overshadowed by the violence…

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[18 Oct 2005 | One Comment | ]

This 60’s campfest also went by names such as Zombie, I Eat Your Flesh, and Voodoo Blood Bath before finally being landed with the odd name of I Eat Your Skin. There is, unfortunately, no skin eating anywhere in the movie, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a chance…

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[17 Oct 2005 | One Comment | ]

I was always a big fan of the Resident Evil games. I myself couldn’t get past the impossible controls or the maddening camera angles to get very far, and I’ll admit that the damn thing just made me too jumpy. So when I heard that they were making a Resident Evil movie I was pretty darn happy…

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[15 Oct 2005 | 2 Comments | ]

With all of the zombie madness around here I thought it fitting to compile a little list of the best lines you may or may not remember from the zombie genre. If you haven’t seen one of these movies, perhaps you’ll be inspired to check it out…

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[14 Oct 2005 | One Comment | ]

“Eat a bowl of fuck, I am here to party!” Quite possibly the best reason for seeing Night of the Demons is this confusing yet extremely funny line. It’ll also give you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for if you decide to watch this movie…

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[14 Sep 2005 | No Comment | ]

After seeing Revenge of the Sith two Sundays in a row I decided it was time to see something a little different this weekend. Being a Jet Li fan I chose Unleashed for this week’s outing. His movies don’t have much in the way of a plot, and throwing in a rapper or the r&b girl du jour doesn’t exactly coerce me into the theater…