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6 July 2007 by Bobby 11 Comments

Come git some!

It felt just like when I was 11 and I saw the first Transformers movie in the theater. That’s all that matters. Fuckin-A awesome. Raise hell and eat pussy.



  • Jeff, the Movie Curmudgeon said:

    Have to agree…I always hated the Transformers. Thought it was the lamest franchise ever. Took my youngest son (9) to see it this past weekend. I totally forgot I was watching a movie, and just got into the experience. Loved it!

  • blogcabins said:

    I did not give you license to print my picture. ;)

    That is too funny. I was hoping to see some geeks in costume at the theater, but no dice. However, I did see some people dressed as gladiators when 300 was released. What would we do without these people?

  • ian said:

    i thought this film was rubbish. the story line was a bit lame, if you’ve ever seen a citron advert you will know the transforming was less than good, citron showed how easy it is to transform a car into a robot but the film showed vague transforming that wasn’t easily seen how they transform.
    The film has followed the trend of “lets make our film more than 2 hours long,” however, there’s about half an hour’s worth in the middle that could have been removed without the film being changed one bit. MEGATRON, as I remember, had a big cannon on his right arm that wasn’t even there. OPTIMUS PRIME had no face guard for most of the movie, his full face was exposed, not in the comics!!!
    There was no cliff-hanger that could lead to a sequel after killing off MEGATRON.

    Citron have the answer!!!!
    The latest ad shows, properly, a car transform into a robot, and shows it running and even grinding on a rail.

    For me, the latest technology of how to make the impossible seem possible has not been used to the max, the story kept going off on a tangent. the main evil character, MEGATRON, was given NO respect as a badie.

    Theres so much more but I dont to completely destroy anyone’s faith. The film WAS enjoyable as a film, but not as a fan of transformers.

    They would have been better off re-making the transformers movie, the cartoon version, into a proper film.

    ALL SAID. I WOULD GIVE THIS FILM A 3 OUT OF 10, nice attempt but PLEASE goto citron to find out where you went wrong

  • dillopod said:

    What are you…French?

  • Branson said:

    That guy really likes commercials. Maybe he should have stayed home and watched TV, didn’t sound like he wanted to see the movie anyway.

  • ChadShonk said:

    um. ian goes off on how bad the movie was and then turns around and says it WAS enjoyable as a film. dude. don’t second guess yourself. it was crap. from top to bottom. don’t qualify it. 3 out of 10 is generous. script. action. the, ahem, ‘jokes.’ all complete crap.

    and i know what you mean about the Citron commercial. dare to dream.

  • Noel said:

    First off, it’s Citro├źn, not Citron. Citron is a brand of Absolut Vodka. Personally, I prefer Peppar.

    Second, that commercial looks cool, but that robot looks like it would shatter into a million pieces if the wind blew too hard. There’s no way it could tumble around a city while being shot at. Plus, it’s got an entire car hood on its chest. If you watch the commercial carefully, its arm rolls in front of its chest are impossible, because its upper arms aren’t nearly long enough to extend past its bumper. It’s clever CGI, but it’s in no way realistic.

    But it’s not supposed to be.

    The Transformers movie, at least from a physics standpoint, is supposed to be realistic. And if you were going to have humanoid robots from outer space that turned into cars and planes and tanks, they’d probably have thousands of small moving parts in order to get a whole range of motions. They don’t have those neat flexible things like skin and cartilage and muscle, you know.

    Fuck it, see my rant from before on this subject:

    If your biggest complaint about this film has to do with the Transformers not being like the ones you remember,then you’re not a Transformers fan anyway. You’re in it purely for the nostalgia, and probably think (like Rex Reed, who stopped being relevant 20 years ago) that the line was “defunct” when it’s never really ever gone away.

    And Chad’s just a humorless and bitter product of Hollywood nowadays anyway who thinks all movies should be about gay cowboys eating pudding and speaking French.

  • Pletch said:

    you haters are a bunch of queers. that movie was pretty good all things considered. michael bay could have done a hell of a worse job and the acting wasn’t terrible or anything. the personification of the robots was top notch; they all had personality (probably more than the actual humans).

  • dillopod (author) said:

    GO NOEL!!!
    You tell that gay cowboy who’s boss!

    Joker: “This is a one-shot thing we got goin’ on here.”
    Batman: “It’s nobody’s business but ours.”
    Joker: “You know I ain’t queer.”
    Batman: “Me neither.”

  • Drama_Llama said:


  • cinderella said:

    i will eat pussy and raise hell.
    thank you for your input =]

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