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by Terry Baker

Please do me a favor and watch Attack of the Clones again. Now go watch Lord of the Rings "Two Towers". After viewing both films, answer the question. Who da man? Yoda? Yeah, big fun to see Yoda bounce around like a damn ninja frog in his big battle scene. The cool factor on that scene was short lived. It is down right silly now. Oh, lets not forget Jar Jar Binks! Well, lets. I won't even go into that tired critique. Anyhoo, my point is that Lucas may have revolutionized the special effects area of filmmaking. Yes, Lucas, you are the genius that gave the world Industrial Light and Magic. I'll give you credit where credit is due. But know this, Lucas. You just got knocked the fuck out! I suggest that you send a couple of moles into the camp of Peter Jackson and see how CGI is done. Who da man? Gollum da man.

With that said, I offer a new suggestion for the Academy of Arts and Sciences. How about you add a new award into the fray. We already have best visual effects. How about an award for best performance by a Computer generated character? Hands down, the award will go to Gollum. He could outperform Patrick Swayze any day...but few couldn't. Ok, Nevermind that. It took me a long time to warm up to the idea of computer generated characters in my movies. I still shudder to think of the day when a computer generated facsimile of Marilyn Monroe turns in her best work along side a generated James Dean. But still, I have relegated myself to the fact that CGI is here to stay and an integral part of today's cinema and that Gollum deserves a little bald man. He can forget about that damn ring and have new piece of metal to call precious.

Granted, the wizardry of Peter Jackson's computer generated magic would not be as spectacular if not for the groundbreaking work of Lucas and ILM. However, Peter Jackson is now the Bill Gates to Lucas' Steve Jobs. Jackson took Lucas' child and one upped him. I can not get over how beautiful Gollem looks. Compare that to Yoda, Jar Jar, or any other computer generated attempt in Star Wars. No damn contest, buddy man!


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