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by Noel Wood

You can justify bad movies that don't make any money by referring to them as "Cult Films".

Kathryn Bigelow could kick all of our asses.

Richard Donner is, was, and always will be a huge fucking pussy. There are scientific journals dedicated to the study and proof of this statement.

Brion James is highly underrated. Just because the guy's ugly doesn't mean he can't be costarring in a romantic comedy.

In THAT THING YOU DO, The Chad character should have become so jealous of the Oneders' success that he went on a massive killing spree and knocked off the entire band.

Any family film with Steve Guttenberg is going to suck.

Guys named Kevin are usually pretty cool unless their last name is Dillon or Sorbo.

Adam Sandler movies with a guy's name in the title are really funny.


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