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by Noel Wood

If you're a regular reader of this site, you'll probably notice there hasn't been an updaye in over a week. As I had to report a few weeks ago, no, I'm not dead. Apparently came close a few nights ago, but that's a really long story which I can't really say I remember.

The reason for my absence has been threefold, and here's what's keeping me away:

1. I lost my job. Yep, the corporate juggernaut claimed yet another victim, or in my case, an entire department. I guess the company I worked for (well, technically, I'm still paid through the 20th, although I don't actually report, and then I've got a severance package to pad me for a couple months) would rather trim the little guys off the payroll, because those CEO's just don't have enough zeros on their paychecks. But the thing here is that I spent a lot of my workday working on this site, because, well, they just didn't have anything for us to do most of the time. Yeah, I guess I saw this coming for a while.

2. Vacation. This had been planned for a year or so, and it just happened to be scheduled the day after my layoff. I spend five days in sunny Florida, putting hideous amounts of alcohol into my system, flying kites, riding a mechanical bull, losing two pair of sunglasses in the ocean only to find a third, avoiding being beaten up by locals, and drinking some more. Good time, but the last thing I was thinking of was updating this site. I'm more interested in trying to figure out how exactly some of these bruises got where they did.

3. VH1 Classic. While I was out of town, I was paid a visit by the digital cable fairy, who upgraded my antiquated basic cable account to 140+ channels of goodness. The moment I returned home from vacation, I set the converter box to VH1 Classic, and have barely done anything else since my return. If you're any sort of music nerd like I am, VH1 Classic is about the greatest thing that has ever existed. Oh, sure, there's other channels I wanted, like BBC America and IFC and the Game Show Network, but I'll get to them. Eventually.

So there it is. I swear that I have articles in the works, and I'll get to updating eventually. Maybe even later today, if things work out. There's not much in theaters right now that I care to see or haven't already, but I've still got a stack of movies on DVD and video I need to see. Plus, I've got a couple of offbeat things I want to do, that I swear I'll get around to soon. It looks like I'll have plenty of time on my hands.

In the meantime, drop me a suggestion if you have anything you'd like to see on the website.


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