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1989, Dir. David S. Ward
107 min. Rated R.
Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Renen Russo.

Review by Terry Baker

It comes down to this. Game tied 2-2. Bottom of the ninth, Hayes beat out an infield hit and stands on first as the potential go ahead run. Jake Taylor is at the plate. Hayes steals second. Taylor relays an idea to the coach in the dugout. The Coach likes said idea and passes it on to the third base coach. The third base coach gives Hayes the sign at second. Taylor digs in and calls his shot, and by doing so severely annoys the pitcher. The pitcher throws at Taylor's head. Taylor gets back up, stands in and calls his shot again. The pitch comes and he bunts! Taylor chugs to first. Hayes speeds toward third. Taylor beats the throw at first. Hayes rounds third and heads home, barely sliding past the cather's glove to score and win the game. Wow! What a great game, huh? Bullshit!


Ok, I love "Major League". I think you have to love that movie if you are the slightest bit of a baseball fan. As much as I may love it, though, that last play in the big game just gets on my damn nerves. That has to be the worst coached game ever! Yeah, yeah, the movie is predictable. We all knew the Indians were going to win the penant. Its a worst to first feel good story. I'm willing to stretch my imagination and run with the idea of that team overcoming the odds in the face of extinction. But baseball fans, that was a poorly drawn play! I am not willing to stretch my imagination that a team that makes bonehead coaching decisions has any right to win a division penant. I've watched enough of Bobby Valentine's Mets to tell you that!

There are so many different ways that play was idiotic. The most glaring of all is the game tied in the bottom of the ninth with a runner in scoring position. No coach in his right mind would call such a risky play. If anything you signal a hit and run or let the fleet footed Hayes swipe third. I don't care if the infield is playing normal depth, or that Hayes runs like Mays, you don't have an over the hill catcher with bad knees try to beat out a bunt in hopes that Hayes can come all the way from second to score. Have Taylor work the count in your favor, and if you want to gamble, call a hit and run and hope for a single, etc. If all fails, you head to extra innings. There are better odds of playing smart ball working in your favor than taking a risk on a suicide squeeze bunt with a man on SECOND BASE! Stupid, stupid coaching.


Another thing. The third base coach gave Hayes the signal to hit and run on the next pitch. The pitcher takes a shot at Taylor's head. Where the Hell was Hayes? He was supposed to have a good lead to jump once the ball was bunted. With his speed, and the pitch being as high and away as it was, he could've strolled to third standing up! The catcher had no chance at gunning him out. Then, Hayes would be ninety feet away and could, if wanted, attempt a less risky suicide squeeze. Stupid, stupid bonehead play!

Yeah, that stupid play worked out and the IndianswinthepenanttheIndianswinthepenantOhmyGod theIndianswinthepenant! I wish that play had been botched like it would have and the Indians went home without a penant, without a job, and without a major league ball club in Cleveland. I know its a movie, guys. It just pisses me off. If you're going to write a baseball movie, try and keep it somewhat logical. IfI wanted to watch nonsensical coaching I would watch the Mets!


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