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UPDATED 03/23/04: Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet star in the Charlie Kaufman-scribed ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND.
UPDATED 03/22/04: I don't see what's so unusual about zombies in a shopping mall. Seems like that's to be expected. Brodie James reviews DAWN OF THE DEAD.
UPDATED 03/19/04: When you've got the talents of Johnny Depp and John Turturro in your movie, it can't possibly suck, right? Right? Find out in SECRET WINDOW.
UPDATED 03/15/04: You didn't think we'd make it too far without another look at FLEA MARKET BOOTLEGS, did you?
UPDATED 03/12/04: David Cross goes all redneck on your ass in the Mr. Show-based RUN RONNIE RUN.
UPDATED 03/10/04: To give a little introduction to the folks at Broken Lizard, here's Brodie James again with a review of their first feature, SUPER TROOPERS.
UPDATED 03/07/04: Brodie James of Living Corpse is a good man because he sends me stuff when I'm creatively bankrupt. Here's his review of BROKEN LIZARD'S CLUB DREAD.
UPDATED 03/04/04: The much-anticipated return of Macaulay Culkin to the world of cinema occurs in the 2003 film PARTY MONSTER.
UPDATED 03/02/04: Now that season two is over and done with, it's time go back and relive the happenings on THE SURREAL LIFE.
UPDATED 02/24/04: Do you like Cheerleaders? Do you like ninjas? Then you'll definitely want to check out CHEERLEADER NINJAS!
UPDATED 02/20/04: From GOONIES sequels to The Brown Hornet, there's been a lot of activity in the world of MOVIE NEWS in the last few weeks.
UPDATED 02/12/04: Are you excited because the original STAR WARS trilogy is coming to DVD? Well, DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP.
UPDATED 02/05/04: Two guys named John (and three guys named Dan) are the subject of the They Might Be Giants documentary GIGANTIC.
UPDATED 01/27/04: The Academy has spoken, and MCFTR picks it apart. Here's a look at the nominees for the 76TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS.
UPDATED 01/21/04: Ashton Kutcher stars in Dude, Where's My..., ah, fuck it. I'm sick of that joke. Here's THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT.
UPDATED 01/15/04: Even in the new year, we continue to showcase the finest FLEA MARKET BOOTLEGS money can buy.
UPDATED 01/07/04: Sometimes, I just feel like talking about mechanical beings, so I decided to count down the TOP TEN ROBOTS IN MOVIES.
UPDATED 01/06/04: Yes, don't worry, I do plan on updating this year. I'll start with a look at Tim Burton's latest, BIG FISH.
UPDATED 12/31/03: Brodie James of Living Corpse looks at a horror movie called HATRED OF A MINUTE. Who hates a minute? Really?
UPDATED 12/30/03: It's funny because every time I go to abbreviate RETURN OF THE KING, I accidentally type out "Roth" and I think of the guy who played Mr. Orange.
UPDATED 12/23/03: When you think of Christmas, you think of Hulk Hogan. He made a stupid movie called SANTA WITH MUSCLES.
UPDATED 12/22/03: It's almost Christmas, and that means more Muppets. This time, it's EMMETT OTTER'S JUGBAND CHRISTMAS.
UPDATED 12/16/03: You asked for it, you got it! The third installment in our look at FLEA MARKET BOOTLEGS!
UPDATED 12/15/03: A future holiday classic or destined for the bargain bin? MCFTR looks at BAD SANTA.

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