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UPDATED 02/19/03: Lord knows I can't tell when to quit. Keeping up with the Mr. T theme, let's take a look back at his CAREER HIGHLIGHTS..
UPDATED 02/17/03: The Biggest article in MCFTR history is here! It's time to look at Mr. T's BE SOMEBODY...OR BE SOMEBODY'S FOOL.
UPDATED 02/12/03: Well, it's not really a new article, but my dumb ass left off the WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER review when I relaunched in October.
UPDATED 02/11/03: The announcements have been made, and leave is to us to pick at 'em. Here's our 2003 OSCAR PREDICTIONS.
UPDATED 02/10/03: Here's a short but sweet review on the current box office champion starring Al Pacino, THE RECRUIT.
UPDATED 02/06/03: Everyone help welcome Bobby back into the groove with his short but sweet take on THE CURRENT STATE OF COMIC BOOK MOVIES. Oh, and an added bonus or two.
UPDATED 02/04/03: Here we attempt to deconstruct the latest offering from Woody Allen, the movie-biz movie HOLLYWOOD ENDING.
UPDATED 01/30/03: Ice Cube leads an ensemble cast in the controversial film BARBERSHOP, one of the most underrated movies of last year.
UPDATED 01/29/03: Chad gives his critical analysis of the best (and worst) of 2002 in his annual FUCK THE OSCARS presentation.
UPDATED 01/27/03: George Clooney makes his directorial debut, directing the autobiography of Chuck Barris in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND.
UPDATED 01/23/03: What's the only thing worse than a really bad movie? A really bad movie about pro wrestling! Ladies and genlemen, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!
UPDATED 01/22/03: 2003 is gonna be chock full of sequels. See what we think of them in the 2003 SEQUEL WATCH.
UPDATED 01/20/03: In the mood for a zombie movie? How about a blind Knights Templar zombie movie? Well, then check out TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD.
UPDATED 01/14/03: Terry lends his insight again for the latest Michael Myers flick, HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION. WHOO-HAAH!
UPDATED 01/14/03: Nicolas Cage stars with Nicolas Cage in the new Spike Jonze film ADAPTATION. To say this movie is good is to say the pope wears a funny hat.
UPDATED 01/14/03: Terry's apparently been in a ranting mood lately, because now he's got a beef with Hollywood's use of the portly, in CELLULOID AND CELLULITE.
UPDATED 01/13/03: New guest reporter J.R. Gast gives his musings on the Oscar-bait musical cinematic version of CHICAGO.
UPDATED 01/12/03: You really think Yo da man? Well, Terry's back with some news that may disappoint you. WHO DA MAN, MY PRECIOUS?
UPDATED 01/08/03: Jack Nicholson grows old gracefully in Alexander Payne's new film ABOUT SCHMIDT.
UPDATED 01/06/03: The first update of 2003! Can it be? Two Leonardo DiCaprio films back to back? Well, here's our review of Martin Scorcese's GANGS OF NEW YORK.
UPDATED 12/30/02: Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Christopher Walken join forces with Steven Spielberg for CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.
UPDATED 12/24/02: Peter Jackson unleashes the second of his Lord of the Rings adaptations, THE TWO TOWERS. Man, this movie kicked ass.

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