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UPDATED 12/12/03: When you're at a promotional screening for MONA LISA SMILE, chances are, the prize giveaways are only good if you're a woman.
UPDATED 12/11/03: Said he was a Buffalo Soldier, Win the war for America. BUFFALO SOLDIERS, Dreadlock Rastas.
UPDATED 12/09/03: From Kermit the Frog to Al Bundy, everyone thinks they're George Bailey. Here's IT'S A BUNDYFUL LIFE.
UPDATED 12/08/03: Maverick trades in his F-14 for a sword and appears in THE LAST SAMURAI.
UPDATED 12/07/03: Terry seems to think it's still Halloween, but that doesn't make up for the fact that ZOMBIE 4: AFTER DEATH makes no sense.
UPDATED 12/04/03: The Muppets and the holidays prove they go hand in hand in IT'S A VERY MUPPET CHRISTMAS.
UPDATED 12/01/03: T-minus 24 days 'til Christmas Day, we give you a review of ELF.
UPDATED 11/25/03: To prove that we do remember that there is a holiday in November, here's a look at some TURKEY DAY CLASSICS.
UPDATED 11/21/03: Movie Criticism for the Retarded pays special tribute to the one and only CHRISTOPHER WALKEN.
UPDATED 11/18/03: Thinly-veiled religous propaganda disguises itself as a thriller called THE OMEGA CODE.
UPDATED 11/14/03: Brodie James of Living Corpse has contributed a review of the new Coen Brothers comedy INTOLERABLE CRUELTY.
UPDATED 11/11/03: By popular demand, here's a second batch of FLEA MARKET BOOTLEGS.
UPDATED 11/10/03: Elvis Presley and John F.Kennedy team up to do battle with a redneck mummy in BUBBA HO-TEP.
UPDATED 10/30/03: TRICK OR TREAT, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Starring The Demon, Ozzy, and Skippy!
UPDATED 10/28/03: Halloween week rolls along with a brand spankin' new review of the Japanese cult film EVIL DEAD TRAP.
UPDATED 10/24/03: I can finally come clean in time for Halloween: I actually kind of like THE LOST BOYS.
UPDATED 10/21/03: You wanted the best Halloween Special ever made? Well, you'll have to settle for KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK.
UPDATED 10/13/03: It's twice the fun of a licensed toy, but at half the price! It's the exciting world of FLEA MARKET BOOTLEGS!
UPDATED 10/12/03: Terry wrote a song about POOTIE TANG to go in our multimedia archive. If you can call it a song, that is.
UPDATED 10/09/03: The first in a series of Bacon's Bits, here's a lesson on how to cut FOOTLOOSE.
UPDATED 10/07/03: That really bad nepotism beneficiary from the third GODFATHER film redeems herself by directing LOST IN TRANSLATION.
UPDATED 10/06/03: For those about to see THE SCHOOL OF ROCK, We Saluuuute you!
UPDATED 10/05/03: Bobby chimes in for the first time in a while with his look at THE LAST FIVE MOVIES WHAT HE SEEN.
UPDATED 10/02/03: MCFTR beats the big guys to the punch with this exclusive from-the-trenches look at KILL BILL VOLUME ONE.

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