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UPDATED 12/24/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 finally reaches its pinnacle! Here it is, our number one holiday movie of all time, A CHRISTMAS STORY.
UPDATED 12/23/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 is almost there, with the Frank Capra classic IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.
UPDATED 12/20/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 gets closer to the goal with our #3 movie, Chevy Chase's Christmas classic, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION.
UPDATED 12/19/02: Just in time for the yuletide holiday, a special update! Marvel at the badness that is THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.
UPDATED 12/17/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 Continues with our #4 pick, the stop-motion dual-holiday classic, Tim Burton's THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.
UPDATED 12/15/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 takes a break for a moment, so that we can show you some other holiday movies that JUST DIDN'T MAKE THE CUT.
UPDATED 12/12/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 rolls along with an unlikely addition, the Santa slasher cult classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT.
UPDATED 12/06/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 continues with the best adaptation of a Dickens novel performed by foam and felt, THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL.
UPDATED 12/04/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 continues with our pick for the #7 Christmas movie, the movie that made Bruce Willis a star: DIE HARD.
UPDATED 12/03/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 continues with our pick for the #8 Christmas movie, The classic Horror/Comedy GREMLINS.
UPDATED 12/02/02:Michael Moore's controversial documentary BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE goes under the gun.
UPDATED 12/02/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 continues with our pick for the #9 Christmas movie, Bill Murray's Christmas Carol update SCROOGED.
UPDATED 11/27/02: THE RETARDED XMAS TOP 10 kicks off with our #10 Christmas movie of all time, THE REF!
UPDATED 11/21/02:Jodie Foster-produced indie THE DANGEROUS LIFE OF ALTAR BOYS gets the Retarded treatment.
UPDATED 11/18/02:Young Wizards the world over are delighted that HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS Is finally here.
UPDATED 11/18/02:Donal Logue, Michael Rappaport, DJ Qualls, and others star in the independent COMIC BOOK VILLAINS. But is it any good?
UPDATED 11/04/02:Can Adam Sandler be made into a serious film actor? P.T. Anderson thinks he can, as experienced in his new film PUNCH DRUNK LOVE.
UPDATED 10/30/02: So I waited a while to review STEALING HARVARD. Sorry. I was too embarassed to admit I saw it. Fits better at Halloween anyway, because it's so bad it's SCARY.
UPDATED 10/29/02: A controversial Hollywood archetype is busted, as we get to EXPOSING HOLLYWOOD'S FASCINATION WITH THE MAGIC NEGRO.
UPDATED 10/29/02: Just in time for the Halloween holiday, here's a look at Bruce Campbell in ARMY OF DARKNESS!
UPDATED 10/28/02: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam, Wee Man, and the rest of the gang make the big screen in JACKASS: THE MOVIE!
UPDATED 10/17/02: Puppets who have promiscuous sex, shoot smack, and film pornos. All this and more in Peter Jackson's MEET THE FEEBLES!
UPDATED 10/16/02: Can't decide what movie character you should be this Halloween? Well, here are some COSTUMES YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T THINK OF.
UPDATED 10/16/02: We've got a new contributor here! Jay arrives with his debut, THE TOP TEN CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST COMICS PERPETRATED BY HOLLYWOOD
UPDATED 10/14/02: Blast from the past! One of our favorites here at MCFTR, HEAVENLY CREATURES gets reviewed, only seven years too late.
UPDATED 10/11/02: The controversial new film THE RULES OF ATTRACTION is finally here, and we're on top of things.

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