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UPDATED 10/01/03: To kick off the month of October, here's a list of THE TEN SCARIEST MOVIE CLOWNS.
UPDATED 09/26/03: The Rock, Stifler, and that wacky no-goodnik Christopher Walken come together in THE RUNDOWN.
UPDATED 09/25/03: Since the Muppets never did a Halloween movie, the next best thing is MUPPETS FROM SPACE.
UPDATED 09/22/03: The actor formerly known as Pig Vomit makes good in the story of comic writer Harvey Pekar, AMERICAN SPLENDOR.
UPDATED 09/19/03: Yes, it's yet another article related to wrestling. But BEYOND THE MAT is really a good movie. Really.
UPDATED 09/18/03: Twentysomething film stars have their careers analyzed in the MCFTR YOUNG HOLLYWOOD REPORT.
UPDATED 09/15/03: Robert Rodriguez brings back Antonio Banderas (and a bunch of actors he killed off last time) for ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO.
UPDATED 09/12/03: Looking for what not to see in theaters? Try the MCFTR FALL 2003 MOVIE PREVIEW on for size.
UPDATED 09/09/03: Well, I don't care about history, rock rock, ROCK N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL!
UPDATED 09/05/03: MCFTR again visits the annual DRAGON*CON festival. Pictures of scantily clad women inside.
UPDATED 09/04/03: Narc, Narc, Narc, Narc, NARC, Narc, Narc, Narc, Narcity Narrrrc, Narcity Naaaarrrc...
UPDATED 09/03/03: A drive-in movie classic gets taken for a test drive as we review Roger Corman's DEATH RACE 2000.
UPDATED 09/02/03: Jay has unchecked aggression, so he compiled a list of conventiongoers he'd like to PUNCH IN THE FACE.
UPDATED 08/26/03: Joining the Rambo song in our Multimedia Library is a fitting tribute to one MR. FISHBURNE.
UPDATED 08/20/03: What a ripoff. I rented a movie called FULL FRONTAL, and the only one who fit the bill was David Duchovny.
UPDATED 08/19/03: It's what we like to call a lost article. Missing for nearly a year, here's two reviews of FACE/OFF.
UPDATED 08/22/03: Terry pontificates on the walking dead in this two-part, hard-hitting expose on ZOMBIES.
UPDATED 08/18/03: It's FREDDY VS. JASON in a battle for the ages!
UPDATED 08/15/03: Feel like some good ol' fashioned sadomasochism? Look no further than SECRETARY.
UPDATED 08/15/03: New contributor Justin Patterson has penned a review of HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. By penned, I mean typed.
UPDATED 08/13/03:
New contributions
Have forced me to remodel
UPDATED 08/12/03: I was dead serious when I wrote this review of COMEDIAN. Yes, really.
UPDATED 08/06/03: Once again, it's time to honor the ones that will be ignored later. Here's the second annual MCFTR SUMMER MOVIE AWARDS.
UPDATED 08/01/03: One time, at band camp, I went to see AMERICAN WEDDING.

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