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UPDATED 08/01/03: I don't know why Terry decided to see THE COUNTRY BEARS, but thank goodness he did so I don't have to.
UPDATED 07/28/03: I was hungry when I wrote an article about THE TOP TEN BREAKFAST CEREALS BASED ON MOVIES .
UPDATED 07/25/03: Transformers and Thundercats are getting live-action movies. How about 80's TV CARTOON ADAPTATIONS I WANT TO SEE?
UPDATED 07/18/03: Did you hear about the new Pirate Movie? It's rated Arrrrrr. Actually, I lied. PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL is rated PG-13.
UPDATED 07/13/03: Sean Connery leads a bevy of literary characters into a battle to save the world. All this and more in THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.
UPDATED 07/08/03: Q: What do you call a TERMINATOR 3 without James Cameron, Linda Hamilton, or Edward Furlong? A: Suprisingly entertaining.
UPDATED 07/07/03: Danny Devito. Kevin Spacey. And, uh, some other dude. It's THE BIG KAHUNA.
UPDATED 07/05/03: Yes, it's a day late, and maybe a dollar short, but here's the long anticipated review of INDEPENDENCE DAY.
UPDATED 07/02/03: We all do things we're not proud of. I saw JUST MARRIED. No, not all of it.
UPDATED 06/21/03: Hobgoblins, hobgoblins, what do you do with those HOBGOBLINS? They're over here, they're over there, those Hobgoblins are everywhere!
UPDATED 06/17/03: I'm sure I have many excuses for not updating in over a week, the best of which is having seen PHONE BOOTH.
UPDATED 06/09/03: Hey, here's a documentary about the guy who invented that instrument used for all those 50's B-movies; THEREMIN: AN ELECTRONIC ODYSSEY.
UPDATED 06/06/03: I've seen more movies in the last 48 hours than I have in the last three weeks. Here's a look at WRONG TURN.
UPDATED 06/06/03: Robin Williams goes crazy. And then he wises up and stops making crap like PATCH ADAMS. Here's ONE HOUR PHOTO.
UPDATED 06/03/03: I'm really, really, really, really, really, really sorry about this review of FINDING NEMO.
UPDATED 05/28/03: Some movies are so bad they need to be reviewed twice. Here are a couple different takes on THE MATRIX: RELOADED.
UPDATED 05/22/03: Are you ready to Rock? Then I apologize for reviewing GOBOTS: WAR OF THE ROCK LORDS. And for using a "rock" pun.
UPDATED 05/13/03: So I've been away for awhile. THIS IS NOT A SITE UPDATE.
UPDATED 05/05/03: Perhaps the best movie ever to feature multiple blue people since The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, here is X2: X-MEN UNITED.
UPDATED 05/05/03: It's a slick new crime thriller called CONFIDENCE. If only I had confidence in it.
UPDATED 05/01/03: I said I would take a day off, but I lied. Saving the world before bedtime, it's THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! Now I can take a day off. Really.
UPDATED 05/01/03: J.R. is back with his look at the John Cusack whodunit IDENTITY. Now I can take a day off.

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