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UPDATED 07/14/04: Can you believe that I'm going to recommend ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY? Well, I am.
UPDATED 07/08/04: Is SPIDER-MAN 2 The greatest comic book movie ever to be made? Probably, but don't tell Bryan Singer that.
UPDATED 07/01/04: Please tell me what the hell I was smoking when I willingly saw THE STEPFORD WIVES. Please?
UPDATED 06/25/04: In an article completely unrelated to the recent AFI best songs list, MCFTR presents the BEST UTILIZED SONGS IN MOVIE HISTORY.
UPDATED 06/22/04: Someone was mistaken when they said that Hollywood was out of ideas, because they delivered to us DODGEBALL.
UPDATED 06/16/04: Just in case you couldn't survive a summer without the presence of Vin Diesel, there's THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK.
UPDATED 06/08/04: Mike Myers proves it is easy being green in SHREK 2.
UPDATED 06/03/04: Justin is back from the dead to drop some science on HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN.
UPDATED 05/27/04: I don't know about you, but I find it kind of funny that YOU GOT SERVED is followed up by SUPER SIZE ME.
UPDATED 05/25/04: You Got Served! You Got Served! YOU GOT SERVED! You Got Served! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
UPDATED 05/20/04: Over in Europe, they would call SHAOLIN SOCCER Shaolin Football.
UPDATED 05/18/04: For a change of pace, how about a little female perspective on the historical blockbuster du jour, TROY?
UPDATED 05/12/04: Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell play a little con game in MATCHSTICK MEN.
UPDATED 05/07/04: For a special Mother's Day treat, the one and only Mr. T will rap about how to TREAT YOUR MOTHER RIGHT.
UPDATED 05/06/04: Jim Carrey returns to what brought him to the table and gets to play God in BRUCE ALMIGHTY.
UPDATED 04/28/04: I finally got around to seeing KILL BILL VOLUME TWO. Word of warning: it really, really rules.
UPDATED 04/22/04: If there's anything good to say about THE PUNISHER, it's that at least they got Frank Castle's skull logo right this time.
UPDATED 04/16/04: Sick of hearing the same songs in movies over and over? We count down THE TEN MOST OVERUSED SONGS IN THE MOVIES.
UPDATED 04/12/04: While some people were going to church and hunting for eggs on Easter Sunday, I was seeing JERSEY GIRL.
UPDATED 04/08/04: Easter Weekend is coming up, so I guess it's as good a time as any to put up a review of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.
UPDATED 04/06/04: Yo. Today I'm gonna holla at you with the TOP TEN PERFORMANCES BY RAPPERS IN THE MOVIES. Word to your mother.
UPDATED 04/02/04: It's a mafia movie, except that it's a chick mafia movie. What else would you call it other than WISEGIRLS?
UPDATED 03/29/04: The Coen Brothers are back again with their remake of an old British heist comedy called THE LADYKILLERS.
UPDATED 03/26/04: A treat for the weekend: flesh-eating viruses! Here's a review of CABIN FEVER.

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