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UPDATED 04/30/03: The third of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries, A MIGHTY WIND, is now in theaters.
UPDATED 04/29/03: Christopher Guest week (or something like that) continues with the next of his mockumentaries, BEST IN SHOW.
UPDATED 04/28/03: Christopher Guest reinvents the mockumentary with his cult classic WAITING FOR GUFFMAN.
UPDATED 04/23/03: It's Schlock city as we take a look at William Castle's classic 1959 horror movie THE TINGLER.
UPDATED 04/21/03: Adam Sandler teams up with Jack Nicholson in ANGER MANAGEMENT.
UPDATED 04/14/03: Well, here's an explanation for a lack of updates. Oh, and a look at UPCOMING MOVIES.
UPDATED 04/07/03: I recently went out and rented NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE. I wonder if you can figure out why.
UPDATED 04/03/03: It must be near Earth Day, 'cause I'm recycling. Here's a lost article from Chad covering THE TOP TEN MOVIE SEX SCENES.
UPDATED 04/01/03: Notice there ain't shit playing at the local multiplex? That's because THE WINTER MONTHS SUCK.
UPDATED 03/31/03: To satisfy the folks who say I don't review enough racing movies, here's a look at DAYS OF THUNDER.
UPDATED 03/28/03: Don't get excited, it's not a new article, but here's our collection of DAREDEVIL reviews, for those who may have missed 'em.
UPDATED 03/27/03: Here's our rundown of all the winners of the 75TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS. And other stuff.
UPDATED 03/25/03: Some idiot at one point decided to give Tom Green free reign. The result is FREDDY GOT FINGERED..
UPDATED 03/20/03: Timing's a bitch, huh? Here's a look at the quintessential Cold War movie and bastion of Patrick Swayze goodness, RED DAWN.
UPDATED 03/18/03: Leave it to Warner Brothers to drop the ball with such a sure thing. Here's me, telling of THE PLIGHT OF THE MAN OF STEEL.
UPDATED 03/17/03: Here's a loving look at Chickens. No, really. It's the documentary known as THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE CHICKEN.
UPDATED 03/14/03: When all else fails, write a STAR WARS article. Especially one about USELESS STAR WARS CHARACTERS.
UPDATED 03/11/03: Cripin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, and a bunch of rodents star in the new movie WILLARD.
UPDATED 03/10/03: AIR FORCE ONE is (a) an overpriced pair of shoes; (b) a really annoying Nelly song; (c) a review Chad wrote in 1997 and I'm just now uploading.
UPDATED 03/05/03: Even if you've never worked in an office, I'm sure you'll still love OFFICE SPACE.
UPDATED 03/03/03: Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me. Until then, here's a look at THE MUPPET MOVIE.
UPDATED 02/27/03: Rather than a review, we here at MCFTR have developed a tribute to a little movie called THE BIG LEBOWSKI.
UPDATED 02/23/03: Ready for some stupid fun? That's what you'll get with OLD SCHOOL..
UPDATED 02/22/03: Now that the first season is over and done, go back and relive all the exciting episodes of THE SURREAL LIFE.

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