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UPDATED 10/11/02: A terrific cast gets together for the new dark comedy IGBY GOES DOWN.
UPDATED 10/10/02: EXCLUSIVE MP3! Based on Bobby's brilliant Rambo Review, here is She's My Dad's original song, RAMBO, JOHN J!
UPDATED 10/10/02: One of the finest teen sex comedies of the 1980's gets its 20 year tribute, as we review Scott Baio inZAPPED!
Movie Criticism for the Retarded takes a trip to the annual Atlanta fantasy convention DRAGON*CON 2002!
Kevin Smith's View Askew pictures shows off its latest offering, the appropriately titled VULGAR.
You know the faces, but do you know the names? We pay tribute to the unsung heroes of Hollywood, the CHARACTER ACTORS!
Terry monkeys around in his latest contribution to the site. I don't know what to make of all of this, but check out CAVEAT EMPTOR.
Can't wait until next year for another boring movie award ceremony? Then thankfully, you can check out our SUMMER MOVIE AWARDS!
Thinking about renting RESIDENT EVIL tnight? You may want to think again after you read our take on VIDEO GAME MOVIES AND WHY THEY SUCK.
MAJOR COREY FELDMAN UPDATE! Exclusive pictures and review of the Corey Feldman Truth Movement in concert in Atlanta, GA!
Bobby and Chad crawl out of the woodwork for a monumental event, to debate over STAR WARS EPISODE 2: ATTACK OF THE CLONES.
Just in time for the next prequel, Movie Criticism for the Retarded sheds some light on STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE.
What do you do with a failing horror franchise? Put it in Space! Just ask Jason Voorhees, back in his 10th installment, JASON X!
Yeah, baby, yeah! Mike Myers is back as Austin Powers in his third installment, GOLDMEMBER!
Giant spiders freak you out? Then you'd probably be wise to avoid our review of EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS.
He's defeated supervillians, but can he get past our critical eyes? 2002 Summer Blockbuster SPIDER-MAN gets reviewed here.
He's a former child actor, and we just can't get enough of him. He's COREY FELDMAN!
Kevin Smith wraps up his View Askewniverse with the much-hyped JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK.
Dinosaur action is back and so is Sam Neill, in JURASSIC PARK 3.
What the hell? A social commentary on this website? Terry sums it up in THE SUM OF IT ALL.
Baseball fans, take note. Here we attempt to deconstruct the final moments of the classic comedy MAJOR LEAGUE
Here's a little rant about the demographics of certain cineplexes, titled ARTHOUSE MOVIES IN FRATHOUSE THEATERS
Here we review TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE. Otherwise known as how I spend tem years of my life.
He'll fight for freedom, wherever there's trouble, G.I.JOE THE MOVIE is there.

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