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1992, Dir. David Fincher
114 min. Rated R.
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton.

Review by Bobby Jones

I'm here in defense of ALIEN 3 from Entertainment Weekly #402, October 24, 1997. This is from an article entitled "Wonder Woman" by Stephen Whitty.

"David Fincher's ALIEN 3 pushed [Ripley] further into inhuman iconography and risked sinking the entire franchise. Yet Ripley's third believe-it-or-not adventure deserves a second chance. In theaters, it seemed only underlit and overthought; on video, you can search for the same twists and shadows for the stylistic tics and moral obsessions Fincher would later bring to SEVEN and THE GAME. Given the benefit of hindsight (and a fast-forward button to scan through a soggy middle), the movie stops being a disappointing sequel and becomes more of an original drama--the moral tale of a heroine who grieves over the sacrifice of others but is finally willing to make the supreme one herself. By the end of ALIEN 3Fincher's religious symbolism hits a sci-fi high unreached since Boris Karlof's crucifixion in THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN; Weaver emerges as both the savior of one race and the mother of her own."

Now of course I appreciate this because it supports the film and brings up some of the pointas that I have long seen in the film but there are some things I disagree with here. Entertainment Weekly too often writes reviews that totally seperate theater from home video. I know there is a difference but it is barely there. Many different factors come in to play when discussing this topic. The specific movie you're watching, the type of system you have at home, etc. Given the choice I too would rather see the movie in a theater but I speak out for this film as a whole, regardless of where it's being watched. This guy makes it seem like the film is worthles son the big screen but worthy of merit on video. I think that is horseshit. Not to mention that the only way to watch ALIEN 3 right now is on video. Sometimes there is a difference, sometimes you lose something in the switch to video, but rarely. And never the other way around.


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