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Once again, while the Golden Globes are rolling away and Oscar is looming on the horizon, Movie Criticism for the Retarded presents its own movie awards. Maybe we need some sort of catchy name for the awards. The 'Tardies' or something. Who knows? Either way, we've compiled lists of the best and worst from several of our staff members and then averaged them out to find out what we thought was the most and least retarded films of the year.

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks as we add more lists to this page. In the meantime, screw the Academy.

January 23: Chad gives his annual one-finger salute to the Oscars.

January 24: Jay makes his long-awaited run-in to give his picks and pans.

January 25: This year Beth flies solo to the awards to give her thoughts on things.

January 26: Noel steps in to add his own two cents to this year's madness.

January 27: For some reason, I'm not sure if Bobby understood the assignment.

January 30: THE BEST OF THE BEST (And the Worst of the Worst!)
Here are the films that MCFTR picked and panned as a collective.


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